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Please write to your MP and local Councillors to express your concerns about our NHS.  Keep Our NHS Public have produced standard letters although you may prefer to write your own.  Find your MP here and your Councillor here.  The letter for Councillors is here, and the one for MPs is here.
The main concerns KONP raises about Accountable Care are:
  • They are being introduced without adequate public involvement or consultation;and where NHS and social care services are seriously underfunded;
  • They are being implemented beyond any legal framework, creating problems of governance and accountability;
  • They have no robust evidence base to support their use in the context of the English NHS;
  • They will help strip NHS assets, such as land and buildings, so ending the social ownership of much of the NHS estate while allowing private companies to profiteer from it;
  • They will apply unprecedented cuts in spending(£22 billionby 2020, compared with 2015 levels) and transfer the NHS’s funding shortfall to new local, self-contained areas.
  • They incentivise rationing of services and – even more concerning – denial of care and so are fundamentally at odds with social solidarity and the values of equity and universalism that underpin the NHS;
  • They increase the potential scope of NHS privatisation. For example, multiple procurements will be replaced by a single, major, long-term contract to provide health and social care services for an entire area. The draft model contract for ACOs published by NHSE allows for, and is likely to attract, bids from multinational corporations.
  • They rely on unrealistic expectations, for example about collaboration and risk-sharing between private and NHS providers.
  • They entail ‘transforming’ the NHS workforce, replacing experienced clinicians – including doctors and nurses – with technologies, and introducing new lower skilled and lower paid roles, such as ‘physician and nurse associates’. ACOs are likely to under-deliver required skill levels and undermine NHS terms and conditions of employment.

Letter to MPs from John Carlisle, July 2017  LetterToMPsfrom_JCarlisle.docx

During the 2017 General Election we urged voters to ask local candidates and canvassers where they stand on key NHS issues.

  • Are they opposed to privatising more NHS services? Will they abolish the internal market? What will they do about existing privatisations and the Private Finance Initiative schemes which are bankrupting hospitals
  • What will they do about cuts to NHS services, including GP surgeries, hospitals and training bursaries for student nurses and allied health workers?
  • Will they restore the 4% real terms average annual increase in the NHS budget which operated till 2011? What do they think about tax increases specifically to support the NHS and social care?
  • Will they repeal the key parts of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, which attempted to enforce a competitive market for healthcare? What is their attitude to the STPs? Do they support the NHS reinstatement Bill?
  • Will they ensure the NHS is protected from private takeover under any new international trade agreements and that NHS staff from the EU are safe?
2017 election leaflet 1 SSONHS_2017_GEQs_and_events_1f_A5.pdf

Presentation  May 4th 2017


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SSONHS Minutes

SSONHS minutes 14th January 2013 

Meeting 10th December 2012




SSONHS Template Lords Letters: Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems, Cross Bench .DOC

SSONHS September Campaign Leaflet.PDF [23.09.2011]

Save The NHS Pemberton Leaflet.PDF [27.08.2011]