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Hospital Services Review

   Published on 9 May 2018, the Hospital Services Review for South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, North Derbyshire and Mid Yorkshire recommends cuts and closures which they call "reconfigurations".  They published a video and some slides, which you can now find here.  We conducted our own Review (Peoples_HSR.docx) and other responses were submitted - see September document:  Hospital Services Programme.  Next steps:
Discussion at CCG meetings around the area, and at our meetings and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw NHS Action Group.
Online survey: 
Public meeting in Barnsley on 27 October, 2-4 pm at Barnsley Town Hall discussed Maternity and Children's Services. There is a great video: click for Video.
The original recommendations were somewhat vague, as you can see below:

HSRrecommendationsThe majority of services should remain in all local hospitals: we have already been asked whether this means 51%!

All seven emergency departments should remain, meaning Barnsley, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Bassetlaw, Rotherham and both the Northern General and the Children's Hospital in Sheffield.

Hospitals should develop 'networks of care' with each taking responsibility for one of the reviewed services, but details of these networks are unclear. The services reviewed were Urgent and Emergency Care, Maternity, Care of the Acutely Ill Child, Stroke, and Gastroenterology and Endoscopy, said to be the most challenged in terms of workforce and quality. To resolve workforce issues,
the report says: "By working together, the acute trusts will strengthen their workforce, building on existing expertise to improve quality of care for patients, enhancing the reputation of our hospitals. We will work creatively with schools and universities to attract new entrants to healthcare professions, as well as those who wish to return to clinical practice. We will become a leading innovative system, identifying and adopting new approaches to healthcare to solve some of our most complex challenges. We will make SYB(MYND) into a place where people want to come and work." Do you feel reassured?

There should be an expansion of services for children in the community and short stay units, meaning less need for longer stay inpatient wards, and partners should consider further work to consider a small reduction in the number of inpatient paediatric units. Closing beds is one of the aims of this review at a time when the population is growing and when around one child in four in this area is living in poverty, thus exposed to the risks of ill health that our NHS is supposed to address.

Women should have more choice over their maternity care and healthcare partners should explore further options for delivering maternity care. The report proposes the choice of home births and midwifery led units for low risk women, with higher risk women cared for in larger consultant led units, and the replacement with some consultant-led units with units led by midwives. While good midwifery is undoubtedly helpful for women and families, building long-term relationships which help at the time of delivery, there are many issues around staffing and the levels of risk in South Yorkshire communities.  We have many stories of pressures on staff with no time to do their job properly and care for patients as they would like to.  In some cases staff have become ill themselves for example for lack of toilet breaks or through stress, including PTSD.

A Health and Care Institute and an Innovation Hub should be developed, linked with universities, colleges and schools to develop and support the workforce while also researching new developments and technologies. Will these add-ons really enhance services, or do they just mean new jobs for highly paid managers? The report has little to say about involving staff, giving them time to think and time to develop.
There is only a brief mention of a Staff Partnership Forum, in a list of responses to questions from the public, see Q25 here. "As part of the work of Health and Care Working Together, a Staff Partnership Forum has been set up with key union representatives involved. This group meets regularly and is kept up to date with all developments. This group will continue to meet and will be involved in further work should any of the recommendations be taken forward."

Comments on the report should be submitted by 12 July 2018 to helloworking
However, the expectation of the authors is that the review will be signed off at a private meeting of the Joint Committee of CCGs on 25 July, followed by further work and a public consultation in May 2019.  Despite this, "implementation of hosted networks" will already be happening by then:

Comments on the report were submitted by 12 July 2018 to helloworking