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Are you a regular, occasional or past NHS patient?
Do you know someone who uses NHS services?
Are you a current, previous or future NHS employee?


WE STAND FOR:        
A publicly owned health service that puts people before profit!  
An open, accountable and democratically run health service!     
Quality, accessible health care free at the point of delivery for all

Forthcoming Events

Thursday May 4th 
Festival of Debate / SSONHS

Why is it that we need hospitals?  What are they for? 
Are there really alternatives?

Quaker Meeting House S1 2EW 7pm sharp

Speakers from around the region.  Join in the debate and discussion

Book your place here

NB because of pre-election rules, our previously booked speakers with significant public roles have had to withdraw. We will address the future of hospitals but we will also broaden the discussion to cover the future of the NHS

For our first batch of questions to 2017 General Election candidates and first election leaflet
see the
campaign materials page

1 May  Look out for Save Our NHS at the Chesterfield May Day celebration (low side of the market)

2 May 7pm   SY People's Assembly AGM
including an NHS discussion and a speaker from Hands off Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.  United Reform Church S1
Previous Events

1st April
Yorkshire Health Campaigns Together
March for the NHS in Leeds


See YEP report here
Plenty of Sheffielders among over 200,000 on the Health Campaigns Together march to Parliament on March 4th
protesting against the Government's treatment of the NHS


Organised by Health Campaigns Together, the People's Assembly and the health trade unions with the support of the RCN and BMA
ational Information
Why were we marching? Pick Up February's Now Then Magazine and read
the piece by local playwright Laurence Peacock 

Scroll down to see other events coming up in Sheffield and nearby
Who are we?
CCGprotestSSONHS061212We're a grassroots movement originating out of the first 38 degrees Save Our NHS campaign in January 2011.  We comprise people from all walks of life and across the political parties who oppose the last and current governments' austerity spending cuts to NHS Services and related services across England. We strongly oppose the creeping privatisation of the NHS by successive governments since 2003 and campaigned actively against the 2012 Health and Social Care Act.

We are based in Sheffield and will continue to protest against the 2012 NHS reforms and to take action against NHS cuts both in this area and nationally. However the NHS is also seriously affected by the level of cuts to local authority services and the benefits system. So we also support wider campaigns against austerity budgeting for public services.
We actively invite both individuals and other groups based in other locations around England with similar aims to get involved. It's now or never: soon there may not be an NHS to save.

For comment see our blogspot

For national information see

Keep Our NHS Public

Health Campaigns Together

For important NHS meetings coming up click here
"The National Health Service represents everything we think is best of us.

You canít walk into an NHS hospital and be a racist. That condition is cured instantly. But itís almost impossible to walk into a private hospital and not fleetingly feel that you are one: a plush waiting room with entitled and bad-tempered health tourists."

A A Gill , Sunday Times, shortly before his death from inoperable cancer Dec 2016
What's going on?
Major plans are in train for a re-organisation of NHS services across England. These fall under the banner of 44 Sustainability and Transormation Plans (STPs) with ours covering South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.  Some of the intentions sound good and the outline Sheffield Plan predates the STP structure as Sheffield Health Services struggle to find an ethical and achievable way forward.  But the bottom line is that within 5 year the STP is supposed to deliver a funding reduction of 14.6 % across the NHS and social care.

This is not acceptable and resistance is building across the country as more and more Councils refuse to sign up to the STPs if they involve this amount of funding reduction. 
not just in Sheffield but across South Yorkshire.
  Sheffield Council has indicated that it may be among them.

Some of the plans will be subject to formal consultation and debate with the public. It's important that people take part and give their views.

An outline of the local STP has now been published on the South and Mid Yorkshire
Commissioners Working Together website.

Meanwhile we know that NHS staff are under more and more strain as a result of efficiency pressures, shortage of resources and the demand on the service.  There can be no NHS without staff who care for it and are in turn cared for. We have supported the junior doctors because we think they have been unfairly treated and because the increasing pressure on staff at all levels, from clinicians to adminsitrative and support workers, is taking its toll not just on individuals but the NHS as a whole.

Sheffield Save Our NHS will be continuing to campaign hard locally to hold back any further fragmentation and privatisation of the NHS. We don't think the current CCG or Council leadership want to go down this road but there are many pressures, especially in social care.
For further information see the leaflets on our campaign page

Privatisation = Profit  NOT Good Patient Care 

Check out the Sheffield NHS News page via the link on the upper left column to find details of local NHS consultation and engagement activities. These help the public to find out what is going on locally and can be opportunities to put the case against competition as the basis for selecting healthcare providers.

See column on the left or check out our "Take Action
and Campaign Dates sections for more details and for other ways to get involved to Save Our NHS

Tell us what's happening in your local area - 
send us an email

Our first action - March 2011
Video of Lib Dem Conference Protest in Sheffield

Please click on the left links for more information.


During 2017 we will be continuing to support the NHS as a publicly owned and publicly accountable service, providing quality care free at the point of delivery.

During March / April there will be an SSONHS presence outside the Town Hall on Saturdays from 12 to 1.30. Come and join us, ask questions etc.


Look out for the Derbyshire Save Our NHS stall at Chesterfield's May Day celebration

SSONHS Update and Planning Meeting

Monday 8th May 2017
6pm  United Reform Church
corner of Chapel Walk and Norfolk St



For other details and for more Sheffield events  see here

Please see our TAKE ACTION page on this site and our separate BLOG for further dates and information including how to opt out of having your medical records put into a central data system. 



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