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WE STAND FOR:        
 A publicly owned health service that puts people before profit  
An open, accountable and democratically run health service    
Quality, accessible health care free at the point of delivery for all
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Who are we?
We're a grassroots movement originating out of the first 38 degrees Save Our NHS campaign in January 2011.  We comprise people from all walks of life and across the political parties who oppose the last and current governments' austerity spending cuts to NHS Services and related services across England. We strongly oppose the creeping privatisation of the NHS by successive governments since 2003 and campaigned actively against the 2012 Health and Social Care Act.
We are based in Sheffield and will continue to protest against the 2012 NHS reforms and to take action against NHS cuts both in this area and nationally. However the NHS is also seriously affected by the level of cuts to local authority services and the benefits system. So we also support wider campaigns against austerity budgeting for public services.
We invite both individuals and other groups based in other locations around England with similar aims to get involved. It's now or never: soon there may not be an NHS to save.
Our next meeting: Monday 3 July, 7pm at Central United Reform Church with speakers and cake!
As the NHS enters its 70th year, what now?  a post-election special preceded by birthday cake at 6.30pm
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